Updating stock ticker 2016 dating in single site

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On the Stocks app, the charts work, but the quotes (numbers, percentage increases, etc) don't update along with the chart.

I have had this problem since last night, and it has happened across all my devices. I have an Apple Watch and a Mac Book, the stocks are not updating on them. I have this problem too - replicated on my i Mac and i Phone.

However, for robust stock-tracking information it is basically useless.

My desires fit more with the former than the latter so I'm quite happy.

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Stock Tiles allows you to quickly and easily monitor stock prices from your Windows Phone start screen.

Long story short, you can develop a VBA function that is usable as an Excel spreadsheet formula. Print str CSV ' The most recent information is in row 2, just below the table headings.

- Bug fixes Version 1.4 update: - Support for more advanced stock symbols (foreign exchanges, Forex currency pairs, etc) - Better handling for stocks with no change data, or no change for the day.

Version 1.3 update: - Support quotes for stock indices (such as ^IXIC).

Add stocks, then pin as many as you would like to your start screen.

Features: - Keep list of pinned and unpinned tiles, so you can quickly choose which to show on the start screen - Live tiles update quotes approximately every half hour - Tiles are built to match your theme color, and to look similar to built-in apps - Live tiles show additional information on the back of the tile, such as price change and last update time NOTE: The app uses Yahoo Finance for stock data.

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