Updating your look over 30 dating

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“Whenever I need a nail refresher, I change the shape, go for a color I wouldn't normally go for and sometimes add rhinestones or some sort of unexpected accent nail,” says Marisa Pieper, a sophomore at Arizona State University.

“If someone is looking for an edgier look, I would go for a pointed tip on the nail with some sort of texturized finish and if they want a more modern look, the coffin shape with a matte finish. ” Your new mani will last around two weeks, making it the perfect subtle (or not, if you go the furry-nail route) change to your look. There are thousands of You Tube tutorials for fun new makeup trends to try. “If you normally don't bother with lipstick, try a bold color,” says Claire Biggerstaff, a junior at Davidson College. And if you're normally a bold lip kind of gal, try going nude for a day.

And if you're going to belt a coat or a blazer, look for one that's one or two sizes larger than normal.

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She just seems to wake up and walk to class like she’s a runway model for Balenciaga, while you struggle to remember pants for your 10 a.m. To switch up your look, just ask your stylish friend if you can borrow some pieces from her closet.1) For the quickest wardrobe update this fall, pair a high-volume top with slim pants.2) Dare to wear your new ankle boots with bare legs, or perhaps a nice pair of cashmere ankle socks. ) 3) Ditch the layered jewelry look and opt for one bold accent.The clip-in hair extensions of 2018 are far more natural than the ones we all tried out in middle school.Some of our favorite celebs, like Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, use extensions to amp up the volume of their hair.

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