Validating an xml

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Start by selecting the "Add Assertion" button in the Assertion Toolbar and selecting the "XPath Match" assertion in the prompting dialog: After pressing OK, the following (empty) configuration dialog is opened: The dialog is divided into two areas: the top specifies the XPath expression to apply and the bottom the Expected Result.Next step is to specify the XPath expression that selects the login Response element; Entering this expression into the top edit field and the pressing "Select from current" in the toolbar below gives us the following: As you can see, the "Select from current" action applied the XPath expression to the underlying response message and shows the result in the "Expected Result" field; this is now the value that Soap UI will compare against each time a new response is received and the assertion is executed.If the values match the assertion passes, otherwise it fails.Let's jump right in, here is a login response message that we want to validate; Basically we want to check for the login Response and sessionid elements in the SOAP Body, but ignore the actual value of the sessionid since it will change between each request.A person can verify if the documents adhere to a set conventions about how vehicle elements should be used.For example, a person can tell that the this XML instance is invalid: We know that a motorcycle typically has two wheels and doesn't have a sunroof.All messages received by sampler Test Steps are internally converted to an XML counterpart, which provides a common ground for assertions and other post-processing.This also makes way for two of the most powerful assertions, XPath Match and XQuery Match, which both utilize the named technologies to provide fine-grained message validation possibilities.

Pressing "Select from current" gives the above response.Tradogram helps purchasing professionals plan, communicate, and control the process for direct and indirect purchases.Tradogram comes with procurement administration tools including, multi-level management, user permissions, suppliers list, items catalog, inventory, and report builder. Also, it allows to apply xsl to xml and to validate xml with xsd. It allows to load and modify xml, xsd and xsl docs and perform theirs validation, also using an embedded browser.

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