Validating user input in shell script ms project start date not updating

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On the other hand, if I were writing a script only for myself, I would keep it strict.

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So let’s see if we can get Windows Power Shell to validate it for us. If a parameter takes a collection (more than one) of objects, “$_” represents each value in the collection, which is tested one at a time – no need for a Foreach-Object command.If the value of the $Event Date parameter is a Date Time object and it’s later than now, the function writes a nice sentence with the date to the console or host program. I can never remember this, so I use an ISE snippet or copy it from about_functions_advanced_parameters.But, if the value of $Event Date is not a Date Time object, or it’s not a future date, the function generates an error. But aside from the syntax, Validate Script is easy to use.Input validation, in its simplest terms, is just putting some kind of constraint on the kind of information the user can pass to your script.Perhaps your script exposes a -Computer Name parameter to enable the user of your script to run it against different computers.

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