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Having searched through the many solved threads on this site, I attempted to customize some of the code to my worksheet. I figured I would ask for help, and see if anyone can provide what I am looking for. I highlighted another section in green that I took from a previous post hoping it would solve my problem.

Basically, I am attempting to construct a "work in process" file, and would like all completed work to be deleted from the work in process sheet, and transferred to a sheet that contains a running list of all work completed. I would like Column Q (Status) to determine if a row can be moved to a sheet that contains the list of all work completed, and eliminated from the original sheet. I am using XL2007 and have a macro that refreshes microsoft query connections. Value = SNR ' THIS PART ONLY WORKS IF YOU STEP THROUGH THE MACRO USING THE DEBUGGER... The link is: submit Here is the code I am using: Sub Go To Web Site And Play Around New() Dim app IE As Object ' Internet Explorer.

You can download a userform to do this from my web site - Extract the files from the zip and import to the VBA project.

This can result in you not knowing whether the process is still running, but the easy answer to that is to use a progress indicator bar.

However, I seem to be getting issues, can some one point me in the right direction with the code?

Code: Hi there, I have a piece of code called Convert Dates that formats data contained on 6 worksheets.

And why the 2nd macro (in other workbook) runs perfect with or without Screenupdating =true ? If you then call another macro (macro2) that turns it back on, you will see the screen refresh at that moment.

Hi all, Before I start, I will admit I posted this in a forum that helps me a lot with another Office product, but as of this post they were not able to shed any light on this issue.

Remove the line indicated to search for every instance.

Screen Updating = False ' Set the text str Text To Insert = "Annual bonus rates for the last five years" str Text To Find = "Discharge Pack" Data Obj.

Show = -1 Then Set o Frm = New frm Progress If doc To Open.

If macro3 does turn screenupdating off but then turns it back on at the end, you'll see the screen redraw then. Simply removing Screenupdating = True from all the macros should resolve that. If your question is answered then please remember to mark it solved Computers are like air conditioners.

When the main macro runs it show all the process from the biggining not in the end of macro. If the next called macro (macro3) doesn't turn screenupdating off again, you will see everything it does because screenupdating is still on because of macro2.

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