Vegan dating worldwide

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Regional staples include sambar (tamarind-spiced lentil and vegetable stew), dosas (a crepe-like flatbread served either stuffed or plain), Idli (fermented and steamed rice and lentil cake), and various curries and chutneys. In Southern California, Latino communities are turning entrepreneurial, veganizing their traditional foods and establishing pop-up businesses and panaderias (bakeries).

Whip up some sambar in less than an hour with Vegan Richa’s Instant Pot Eggplant Sambar recipe. Skip the line at Chipotle; make Sweet Simple Vegan’s Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Burritos!

Dining-out tip: Don’t just try one dish; sample them all!

Ethiopian restaurants offer a vegetarian (accidentally vegan) combo platter that lets you try most if not all of the veggie offerings.

The food is rich, flavorful, and relatively healthy.

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The base is fermented tea leaves tossed with nuts, cabbage, tomato, and other bits like ginger, sesame seeds, and mung beans, coated in an oil-based dressing.

Don’t worry; it always comes with plenty of injera! South Indian Hold the ghee and meat, and bring on the rice and dosas! What more can anyone ask for, other than a hand-pressed corn tortilla, of course? From pseudo-Mexican fast-casual concepts like Chipotle, to more authentic sit-down establishments, Mexican food is generally a safe space for vegans.

Southern Indian food is far less reliant on animal products compared with the northern half of the nation, making it easier for vegans to dine worry-free. In fact, the Latino culture is helping to push the plant-based movement forward.

Experience vegan Korean food at home with The Vegan Korean Soon Tofu Stew recipe.

Dining out tip: Look for a vegan section in the menu.

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