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Unfortunately, that flows on to being I’m truthful with who they contact. We all would like to be seen as better than who we are, right now.After you think that you have filled out all the forms correctly and you have thought of "everything", you send in your fiancee visa package to the government.Then it can sit there for 3-6 months before anybody picks it up and starts looking at it. government to scrutinize each Fiance Visa application and reject fillings for any "legitimate" reason, including minor procedural errors. Do you really want to set yourself up to make mistakes and have to reapply?Women, on the other hand (and especially Thai girls), are attracted to guys that just be themselves, without egotistical attitudes. The people of Thailand are a gentle people, which is a characteristic that many Western men will find initially foreign and it is a learning that is of utmost importance if you have any notion to settle down with Thai girlfriends.As we already mentioned, Thai culture is non-confrontational towards others.

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