What is thermoluminescence dating used for are you moving too fast dating

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To name a few; radiocarbon dating measures the decay of carbon-14 in biological substances, obsidian hydration measures the amount of water absorbed by an artifact made of obsidian, and thermoluminescence measures the stored energy in the lattice of stone.

phosphorescence of certain materials or objects as a result of heating.Thermoluminescence is a common geochronology tool for dating pottery or other fired archeological materials, as heat empties or resets the thermoluminescent signature of the material (Figure 1).Subsequent recharging of this material from ambient radiation can then be empirically dated by the equation: Age = (subsequently accumulated dose of ambient radiation) / (dose accumulated per year) This technique was modified for use as a passive sand migration analysis tool.(Figure 2).Sands with sizes 90-150 μm (very fine sand) were found to migrate from the swash zone 67% faster than sand grains of 150-212 μm (fine sand; Figure 3).Furthermore, the technique was shown to provide a passive method of policing sand replenishment and a passive method of observing riverine or other sand inputs along shorelines (Figure 4).

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