When did dwight and angela start dating

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Angela breaks up with both Andy and Dwight, and all three end up alone.After being disrespected by a new vice president, Michael quits Dunder-Mifflin to start his own company but returns triumphantly when he gets bought out and his rival is banished from Scranton.The fifth season of "The Office" begins with Pam at art school in New York, Ryan returning to Dunder-Mifflin, Dwight and Angela having an affair behind Andy’s back, and Michael meeting the apparent woman of his dreams in new human-resources head Holly.Pam eventually comes back from art school, gets engaged to Jim and gets pregnant, while Holly and Michael enjoy a short but intense relationship before she’s transferred out of town.Pam and Jim spend all day on the phone together thanks to tiny headsets, so Jim hears when one of Pam’s art-school friends tries to convince her to stay in New York.Michael, Andy, and Oscar take a business trip to Winnipeg to meet with a client.Michael and Holly continue flirting even as she goes on a few dates with a yoga instructor, and Dwight and Angela continue their illicit affair while Andy obliviously plans his and Angela’s wedding up to her impossible standards.

Jim gets paranoid about what Pam might be doing in New York without him but stops short of driving out there to check on her.

To mess with Andy, Dwight decides to become a huge Cornell devotee, stocking up on the school’s memorabilia and even sending in an application.

Jim and Pam have lunch in New York with Jim’s brothers, who play a bizarre “prank” that involves belittling Pam’s aspirations of becoming an artist, but she ingratiates herself to them by playing along with this rather cruel ruse.

Meanwhile, Jim and Pam announce their engagement to their co-workers, who respond with general indifference.

Michael plans a baby shower for Jan despite the fact that he’s not the father of her baby.

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