White collar dating episode

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At a meeting with the Pink Panthers, Caffrey learns his first task: Steal a rare Swedish stamp, the Treskilling Yellow. I’m sure that’s an idea fans, like myself, don’t want to entertain.

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And don't even get us started on Sara (Hilarie Burton) moving to London after a very fake, but very moving, proposal at the top of the Empire State Building from Neal? Trim the budget: TV characters we want to get rid of As if Neal didn't have enough proof, James' actions spoke much louder than the kind father-son words he had been selling to Neal for weeks.After Senator Pratt threatened James and pointed a gun at him, James shot and killed Pratt in cold blood.It’s been Burke who’s tried to keep Caffrey from rash decisions, dating back to Season 1 when Caffrey and then-girlfriend Kate Moreau planned to run. Caffrey adds a new alias to his resume before meeting Bianca. The con pays off, earning both entry to the auction at a private residence.Back at FBI headquarters, Burke and agents Diana Berrigan (Marsha Thomason) and Clinton Jones (Sharif Atkins) learn a black market dealer, Bianca/Sofia Esteverena (Paloma Guzman) plans to auction the stamp to a handful of clients, including a rarely photographed California playboy, Nathaniel Dietrick. At the cafe, the meeting turns sour as Caffrey realizes Bianca will only meet Dietrick’s father, Elias. Burke plays on Bianca’s emotions about losing her father at 5 years old.

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