White woman dating nigerian man

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I'll like to have one white girl to hook up with, who can provide my finacial needsakagod4lov: Well, it is a very good idea.

I'll like to have one white girl to hook up with, who can provide my finacial needs Well, it is a very good idea.

When they get overseas, London, Seattle, Madrid or wherever, our dear Naija boy flips the script on his naive bride. I was not aware of this until three months later" she wrote on the forum. This is a fairly common style of operation for Naija guy who is into marriage visa scams.

"I met my Nigerian husband in 2008 and brought him here on a K-1 visa in 2009. After chatting up women on numerous dating websites, her Nigerian husband told her he was leaving her on Christmas Eve. He sucked ,000 from me overall, he took my youth and beauty, he damaged my relationship with my family, I lost my best friend, he took away all my hope and happiness in life. In 2015, a British woman Deana Charles told The Sun UK how she was swindled by her Nigerian husband. It explained why he’d been so keen to get me pregnant, the authorities would find it harder to deport him" she revealed.

I'll like to have one white girl to hook up with, who can provide my finacial needs.

you can update me on [email protected] men beware!!!!!!!!!! Firstly you sound like u got a ticket on yaself, and well may b u just not good enough for a black woman! that children of parents that r both BLACK ARE NOT BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

I am a white girl married to a Nigerian man from Lagos what can I do from your traditions to make it better what can I do and not do please help me. i have been having a long distance romance with a Nigerian man, we laugh together, we tell each other we love and care about each other,we skype each other also,but he does something that i do not like which i will keep private.

how can i tell him i really do not like what he does ,now in the lasy couple of months things have changed i have to call him he very seldom will get ahold of me ,my question is ,do you think his feelings are changing for me?

So 8 times out of 10 you white woman are being talked about and laught at, They want decent girls, home makers, and some one that is on the same level, white woman can never understand, only the black woman can understand her black KING.

From what ive seen and heard has really made me ill, its a shame, like i said before who is using who?

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