Who are ant and dec dating

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The Geordie duo have worked together for almost 30 years but angry Dec said last year's scandal almost caused them to split up.Speaking in a candid interview with Guardian's Weekend magazine today Dec, 43, said: “It felt like a nightmare, that there’d been a mistake. I wanted to punch him and hug him at the same time – and I didn’t know which one I wanted to do first.” The toll of the arrest and subsequent conviction took it's toll on their friendship and their future career, and they have now admitted that they "considered splitting up".so i will be judge and jury for the why we hate these muppets so much, you can be as nasty and insulting about them as you see fit.So please don't hold back and NO Ant & Dec (midget gobshites) fans please, this is a I hate forum, not a love in for these morons.The pair first met on the children's television show, Byker Grove in 1990.They played PJ (Ant) and Duncan (Dec) - Dec was on the show from 1989 and Ant joined in 1990.Ant and Dec have won numerous awards over the years, including accolades from the Royal Television Society.In 2000, they won Best Children's Entertainment Programme for SMTV Live and the following year they received an RTS award for Best TV Presenters.

It's reported that they are each insured against the other's death, with the amount reportedly being around £1,000,000.

aisha:[email protected] [email protected] my email address Ant and Dec are referred to as PJ and Duncan, as these are the names of their characters retrospectively from Byker Grove.

Ant and Dec also went onto be pop stars under the name PJ and Duncan, before moving onto "Ant and Dec".

ANT and Dec have been making us chuckle while presenting Britain's biggest TV shows for over 25 years.

Here's what you need to know about the much-loved presenting duo who've conquered British telly...

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