Who is brian grazer dating

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“It didn’t make me question my own worth, but it made me question if I had a worth to other people.I was always tough and strong, and I would tell anybody who would listen.After the current deal expires, the fate of the two companies’ relationship is unclear. “I’m thankful that we’re in this moment where our voices actually matter.(The studio did not immediately respond to a request for comment.) But as of right now, Ratner, via his company, continues to be in business with Warner Bros. to sever all ties and relationships with Brett Ratner,” said the actress, sitting in her Lake Hollywood home.“If you ask me, now, do I feel good? But I don’t feel like there’s actually an awakening of consciousness in Hollywood.Grazer, who co-founded the production company Imagine Entertainment with Ron Howard, has known Ratner since the director was just an aspiring filmmaker at NYU.After he graduated, Ratner was offered a job as Grazer’s assistant, but turned it down because of the paltry salary -- ,000.On at least one occasion since then, she said, Ratner has made sexually aggressive comments to her in public.The piece also included accusations of a range of sexual misconduct; actress Natasha Henstridge said Ratner forced her to perform oral sex on him, which Ratner denies. Hours after The Times published the six sexual misconduct allegations, a person with knowledge of the matter said Warner Bros.

One of the tales she recounted in the book was how an anonymous director had masturbated in front of her on the set of a 2004 film. She’s bitter.”Days later, however, Ratner reversed course, telling Howard Stern that this was not true, that the two had never slept together or dated, that they were friendly (which Munn denies) and he “felt horrible” because he made the actress look like “a whore.”(Recently, however, Ratner said through attorney Martin Singer that he had an “intimate relationship” with her, which Munn says “is a complete lie.”)At the time of the Stern interview, Ratner had been tapped to produce the upcoming 2012 Academy Awards.

At the time, Munn was perplexed by the industry’s willingness to welcome Ratner back with open arms.

But she feared speaking out, she says now, because she had her own career to manage and she didn’t want to be labeled as ”somebody who was just looking for publicity, which is how women who come forward about sexual harassment are often marked.”“This experience chipped away at my character and my integrity,” she said.

Actor, director, and brother of producer Brian Grazer who appeared in films such as Flightplan, American Gangster, and Cinderella Man.

In 2008 he starred in the critically acclaimed Frost/Nixon as the White House Director.

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