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Later Parsons added that the piece not only publicly announced him as gay but also confirmed something many had been speculating since he shot into the spotlight — who Todd really was to him. The actor was nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy Series at the Emmys in 2009 but took home the big award for the first time in 2010.Towards the end of his acceptance speech, he said, “And most of all, I love you, Mom,” which was followed by other names including a full shoutout to “Todd Spiewak,” yet at the time it went completely unnoticed.I feel like I haven’t been enthusiastic enough about it, and now I feel like I’m a loser for the cause.” Two years later, Parsons was once again questioned, this time by Rosie Perez on , about why he and Spiewak weren’t rushing for marriage, and he revealed it just wasn’t high on their priority list. So much of my adult life, [marriage] wasn’t really a possibility.I have grown more interested in the idea and certainly supportive of the notion, and if my getting married would help the notion in general, even that might be enough to make me want to do it.“She’s our best friend, she was our wedding planner, she was our officiant and she played all three parts brilliantly this past Saturday: thank you and love you, @melissamcneeley (that Chuppah ain’t bad, either, @doan_ly !) photo cred @ambergressphotography,” Parsons captioned a photo of the three of them on the big day.

Although he wasn’t in the closet, Parsons never spoke about his sexuality and it wasn’t until 2012 that he confirmed he was gay in an interview with the meaningful to you as a gay man? It was suddenly out there and official,” Parsons said of the avenue in which he publicly came out to fans.

My own personal interest in it has never been that high …

I mean, both of us — we’re roughly the same age and we just didn’t grow up with that as a possibility. 7 After dodging questions about plans of a wedding as well as a few engagement rumors.

Also, I believe this was a selfie with an actual camera, as our phones couldn’t do that back then hahaha!

#todd #anniversary.” I met this guy (the one with the mic) 14 years ago today and it was the best thing that ever happened to me, no contest.

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