Who is emma stone dating now

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A source told the site, “They were laughing,” confirming they were “having a fun day.” Aside from acting, Susie is an ambassador for Not for Sale, an organization that helps human trafficking survivors. As she takes to the stage, people will likely wonder about her personal life, as they tend to when it comes to celebrity actresses. She opened up about her life, detailing what it felt like to turn 30– she did not once mention her love life.

She tells the paper: "See, I never talk about this stuff for this exact reason—because it's all so speculative and baseless. Here’s what we know: For a while– from roughly 2011 to 2015– Stone dated .If she is, in fact, in a relationship, Stone is keeping her lips sealed when it comes to her partner’s identity.Throughout shooting, it was wild and exciting."August 2012: We wouldn't find this out until recently, thanks to an interview with W magazine, but Andrew spends his 29th birthday getting high at Disneyland with Emma and his friends.He revealed in January: "They came out to LA to surprise me, we went to Disneyland and we ate pot brownies. April 2015: US Weekly reports that Emma and Andrew have split, with a source saying that Andrew 'had been in a dark place for months'.

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