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I shopped at all the thrift stores up and down Elm Street that used to be there.I was more into wearing Doc Martens than shopping at fancy designer boutiques. The model and designer wed French restauranteur Bart Tassy in Texas over the weekend (28-29Jul18).They’ll be heading to Saint Tropez next month for a second ceremony.Over the years I've collected so much vintage jewelry and I think in the back of my mind subconsciously I always thought, okay, I'm collecting and hoarding all of this stuff, sort of as my personal inspiration kit."Are there any new twists we can expect from the new collection?"It's still body jewelry, but it's definitely a little more abstract this season, and a little bit tougher."A pair of brown python pants from Alexander Wang's collection, and a floral-print vest and a black sort of mohair leather jacket from Ann Demeulemeester.There are so many pieces from her collection that I'm so into. I like oversized jeans, I like oversized denim shorts, I like oversized jackets. You know, there's so much of a tomboy in me where I still enjoy wearing guy's clothes.

Gratitude off of Oak Cliff is also really amazing."Let's talk about your Low Luv jewelry line. But I think it was Alex [Wang] that really put the fire under my ass last season.

He was like, 'You know, Erin, I think you should just design your own collection for the season' because the season before that I had just used stuff from my own personal collection and put it on the girls for the runway show.

The body chains came about just from talking to Alex about the collection.

It was an archive piece that was here, but it was interesting because the dress that I thought was going to be the one didn’t end up being it, so it was fun to then ask myself: What do I want to express?

Typically, when we hear the phrase "model side project," our minds instantly leap to reality TV show hosting gigs, guest vocals with the emo band du jour, and movies costarring Billy Baldwin. This enviably effortless look has famously led to a gig styling the past two runway collections for Alexander Wang, her own body armor-inspired Low Luv jewelry line, and a new multi-season clothing design deal with RVCA (the first collection, spring '09, will debut in stores come January).

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