Who is jermaine jackson dating

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“Here, take the car and drive, come back in like an hour or so,” Jermaine said.He hopped out and into Sandy’s car — and before I could make a U-turn, they were like two teens, ripping their clothes off and getting it on right there.“I just thought that Jermaine was different, that he was more family oriented.” In 1995, Jermaine and Alejandra secretly married, later having children of their own — Jaafar, Donte and Jermajesty. This conversation lasted more than four hours and I had to reason with him that, “You not only took his woman, but you had children with her and you married her.There’s nothing petty about that.” Jermaine just shrugged.In 2005, he married Halima Rashid, who comes from a wealthy Mideast family.Lawanda still complains to Jackie and Tito that she has to play second fiddle.

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On one visit to New York, where he was crashing with a friend, Jermaine was interviewed by the Fox News anchor Rita Cosby — then spent the rest of the weekend talking about how it was his mission to “do” her in a hotel bedroom. Of course, I doubted that but was certainly prepared to take him up on his offer. The next time we spoke of Cosby, Jermaine shocked me by adding that he wanted to “bang Nancy Grace,” who is viewed as a family nemesis. “I bet she won’t say anything bad about Michael anymore. In New York in 2001, for Michael’s 30th Anniversary Special concerts, Jermaine’s cellphone rang. He said that after the second show, which was on Sept. She’d be high, but only on Jermaine.” After the first show, which took place on Friday, Sept.

Jermaine was introduced to Lawanda, a friend of one his nieces, in the mid-1990s. In 1999, while still married to Alejandra, he and Lawanda had a “wedding” at a local mosque. “Mine and Jermaine’s and he hasn’t said a word to me.” Then, in front of Jermaine, Randy and Alejandra’s young children, Lawanda tried to attack his lawful wife.

Jermaine would tell me later that he did it just to make her happy. “That’s Jermaine for you,” brother Jackie would later say.

But Randy proved a bit too immature for Alejandra, and while he was away from home, Jermaine moved in. Randy, meanwhile, withheld child-support payments, which Jermaine said he just couldn’t understand. “He shouldn’t let his feelings for me or Alejandra come between taking care of his kids.” Jermaine didn’t understand Randy’s anger in general.

“Randy didn’t treat me like I was the one,” Alejandra told me. “He needs to get over it and leave all the petty stuff behind and act like a man,” Jermaine said to me.

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