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Its one of those quintessentially idyllic images, and Jean-Pierre both as the girl in the photo and the Obama administration staffer holding it during a recent interview nearly more than 25 years later is positively beaming.Though she left her post as regional director in the White House Office of Political Affairs in March (a next move is yet to be announced), Jean-Pierres imprint as a Haitian-American and openly gay woman is a sign of broad diversity in the West Wing.Germain is the mother of the JPP’s son, Josiah Pierre-Paul.The two were still together following Jason Pierre Paul’s fireworks incident that changed his life and almost cost him his career.

read: In her wallet, Karine Jean-Pierre keeps a yellowed snapshot of her as a child, posing with her family in front of the White Houses north fence.Whats been wonderful is that I was not the only; I was one of many.President Obama didnt hire LGBT staffers, he hired experienced individuals who happen to be LGBT, she says.read: Karine Jean-Pierre @Karine JP2012 ...happy you're able you to promote your state's Senator as presidential candidate.It's a wonderful opportunity, gratifying, I'm sure, to have someone with so much political and personal integrity to represent your state.

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