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“Of course, it had the distinction of being the only humor magazine in America.But it was, without any doubt, the best.” It was the humor (not the covers that besides Ms.

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“The cheeky humor helped balance out what could’ve been sexist,” Ms. “It wasn’t meanspirited.”Other Maxim alumni also spoke of the magazine in the past tense.

“It was the best humor magazine in America,” said Joe Levy, who edited the magazine from 2009 to 2011 before leaving Alpha Media to edit Billboard.

“Maxim expanded out to be easily found in the general fabric of everything,” Mr. “It became expected and accepted.”Looking around, Mr. You can also see some of the Maxim man’s grasping ego in a character like Kenny Powers (played by Danny Mc Bride), the blustery, blubbery former major league baseball pitcher on “Eastbound & Down” on HBO.

Golin sees signs of his former publication everywhere. On Fox, there’s Schmidt (played by Max Greenfield) on “New Girl,” who presents a more polished version of a ’90s-era Maxim guy, and who embodies the kind of behavior derided by Susan Faludi in her 2000 book “Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Man,” in which she called Maxim “simpering and sneaky” and described it as “a last blast of anachronistic masculinity.” Schmidt dresses as if he just walked out of a spread in Details, but his roommates force him to put a dollar into a jar every time he blurts out another sexist or self-regarding comment.

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