Who is sally hawkins dating

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Most recently she played the role of Elisa in the 2017 movie ‘The Shape of Water’, directed by Guillermo del Toro and she has started filming for ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’.Here are five more facts that you don’t know about Sally Hawkins. She is From a Creative Family It is no wonder that Hawkins opted for a career in a creative field as creativity runs in her family."The family members and friends, the people who brought her up, they all still exist and the story is very personal."To even be dealing with a real-life person, you want to do them justice because that's what your job is." While Hawkins admits to watching a lot of You Tube videos to master the physical makeover, she, like Maudie, was keen to not let it define the story."I painted already but I learned to paint in a way that was similar to Maud," she explains. (It was) an excuse to paint and pick up a brush again, which I just adored.She follows: "I have kept art going throughout my life, but if I was in art school that would be my life now.

She knew then she wanted to perform and entertain audiences.

Previously stating she likes to "disappear" in between roles.

Is she worried that will becoming increasingly difficult as Hollywood beckons? I love acting, but I'm not very good at being a celebrity.

"It's part of the costume that you put on," she says of the transformation.

"For me, I can't do it enough or put in enough work.

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