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But I am not proud of it either — I don’t think it’s cool, like I was Mr.

Simon Pegg is a well accomplished and highly respected English actor and comedian.

He was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, Film and Television by the University of Bristol in 1991.

which was released in April 2004 was also co-written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, the film played a significant role in catapulting him into international fame.

In 2004, Pegg starred in a spin-off of the television show Danger! The same year, Pegg and Wright completed their second film, Hot Fuzz, released in February 2007.

In 2008, he wrote the dialogue for an English language re-release of the cult 2006 animated Norwegian film, Free Jimmy.Not many people know this, but while he worked on his various film projects, Simon was secretly battling depression; still, he gave his best to all his performances.Little wonder he was nominated for Born on the 14th of February, 1970 and raised in Brockworth, Gloucestershire, Simon John Beckingham is not just an actor and comedian, he also is a screenwriter and a producer.He went on to co-write and star in the Three Flavours Cornetto film trilogy: Shaun of the Dead (2004), Hot Fuzz (2007), and The World's End (2013).He and Nick Frost wrote and starred in the sci-fi film Paul (2011).

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