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During a period of three years from 1987 to 1990, she was an active volunteer for campaigns that tried to raise awareness about AIDS.She was once the president of the Los Angeles Chapter for the National Organization of Women.Tammy Bruce was one among the Los Angeles professional women group to create the first ad hoc independent pro-choice activist groups which began in 1987.The group confronted anti-abortion group protesters and helped to stop Operation Rescue.

She also acted as a supporting character in many productions.Political Commentary Career Apart from being a talk show host for radio and television, Tammy is also a bestselling author and online blogger.She is a contributor for Fox News when it comes to political issues.Going Too Far Controversy While most of her fans admire Tammy for her brash attitude and outspoken comments, there was a time when she went too far with her commentary.Fox News has a tendency to turn viral videos into cringey segments to push their theme that American culture has been declining due to liberals on the left.

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