Who is wes ramsey dating

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fans are now speculating that Laura Wright might be engaged to Wes Ramsey. Pictures are being shared all over that make it look like Wes popped the question. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if they already took this next step in their relationship.

Check out the picture below that looks like a big engagement ring on Laura Wright’s finger.

Peter and Maxie have come a long way, and the former’s portrayer, Wes Ramsey, is thrilled to be in the ring with Kirsten Storms as a scene partner on General Hospital.

They reconnected at an Emmy party and have been together ever since but there’s no engagement news yet. Her daughter Lauren Wright is 20 and son John Wright is 18.

There is no word yet on where the picture is coming from or how the fans got a hold of it.

If you check both of their Instagrams, you can see that they haven’t shared it there just yet.

The tests are back soon and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) will take Carly to find out the news.

Hopefully, Sonny will also be along to find out if the baby is healthy. Although he’s got a baby face, Wes is 41 compared to her 48 years.

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