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James and I meet when our hands accidentally touch during a "Licensed to Kill" seminar in Dusseldorf. Be good to one another and try not to shoot each other in the face.

I assassinate my victims by forcing them to drink the fluid inside of glow-sticks.

Well, yesterday Braff announced on Facebook that his website was hacked to display a bogus letter to loyal fans admitting that he was gay.

According to several media reports, Braff’s publicist says that the website was old and hadn’t not been updated since 2006.

This is not news to those closest to me, and I honor that they have kept it a secret for such a long time." The news must have come as a surprise to Taylor Bagley, the actor’s girlfriend.

I am excited and proud to announce that I am an open member of the homosexual community.

At the very least, you should keep its security up to date.

Old sites are much easier targets for hackers than those with up-to-date defences.

In 2000 Braff auditioned for Scrubs; which became his breakout role.

His Scrubs success helped Braff write, direct, and star in Garden State and The Last Kiss. In 2011, Zach wrote a play All New People which premiered in New York City on June 28.

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