Who sandra lee dating

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Lee, who recently denied rumors that the couple had split, told the New York Times that they no longer need the large house because the governor’s three daughters are now adults.

The four-bedroom home in Mount Kisco sits on a tranquil three acres, which include a pond and gazebo.

"Lily Pond is probably the most beautiful, perfect house on this planet, and that is the truth," she said.

For fourteen years, celebrity-food-preparer (I refuse to call her a chef) Sandra Lee has been dating Andrew Cuomo, who is currently the governor of New York.

The rumor was tied to the Mount Kisco property, with sources whispering about how Cuomo Food Network star Sandra Lee has listed the home she shared with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for sale for million, amid rumors the couple have split, which the pair have denied. Literally getting emails from people in Japan asking me if I’m OK!

Earlier this month, Lee announced she intended to sell the storybook-style mansion in Mount Kisco for .3 million, but the actual listing went up for 0,000 shy of that mark, according to Apparently, there are still a lot of whispers about them despite her denials. Both Andrew and I confirmed before the breakup story ran but the story was not true. But page 6 decided to run the sensationalize story anyway.

Lee personally decorated the home, which becomes evident when looking at the lavish details.

The report states that the two, who began dating more than a decade ago and lived in the home near the New Castle/Mount Kisco border, have been living their separate lives for months, with real estate agents reportedly touring their Bittersweet Lane home before putting it on the market. Both Andrew and I confirmed before the breakup story ran, but the story was not true. But Page (Six) decided to run the sensationalized story anyway.

Lee told the New York Post that she was selling the home to downsize, and in response to the report of domestic strife, Lee took to Facebook, where she vehemently denied that there was any separation in her relationship with the governor. “Andrew and I are still very much together after 14 years.

We share three beautiful daughters that I helped raise and a beautiful home, Lily Pond, where we live.

He was married previously, and he has three daughters.

Sandra has always maintained that she never wanted to marry, and her childhood was a complete horror show with a physically and emotionally abusive mother.

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