Willem dafoe madonna dating

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For those of you whose interests lean towards the prurient, I suggest you read a no-holds-barred description of the film on the internet. What ensues is a moving and thought-provoking journey through the dark and gritty themes of grief and guilt.

For those of a more delicate disposition, the following will suffice. There are moments of extreme tenderness interspersed with unfathomable fantasy: others of wanton sexual abandon that border on, then invade, the boundaries of what most would consider decency.

He played a supporting role in The Aviator and provided his voice for the Pixar film Finding Nemo .

He claimed that he was raised by his five sisters because his parents were too busy working in the hospital.

Seasoned cinemagoers are more than familiar with the sight of Dafoe in the buff. And, blimey, never more so than in his new soon-to-be-released film, Antichrist.

Although we’re not so much talking about doing his own stunts here.

They are even more aghast at its unsimulated, nigh on pornographic scenes of uninhibited passion in which Dafoe and his co-star, Charlotte Gainsbourg, couple with feverish abandon before indulging in a frenzy of genital self-mutilation, mutual masturbation and an eye-watering quasi torture sequence.

And the scar is the legacy of his first to backfire, some 30 years ago.

‘Here’s how it happened,’ he says picking up a knife from the dining table.

‘I’m no different to anyone else, I want people to like me.

‘But I’m no good at the soft, fuzzy stuff,’ he pleads with what looks like a genuinely pained expression.

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