Word is updating the fields in the document blind dating game show

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For some working examples that do more than just replicate data, see: https:// https:// Thank you for your reply, as it happens I did find that page via google prior to asking and couldn't get it to work, I have tried again still without sucess so I guess I must be doing something wrong.

word is updating the fields in the document-55

word is updating the fields in the document-14

Update Wend Next sr End Sub '' Update all the fields, indexes, etc. '' This is a parameterless subroutine so that it can be used interactively.' ' Revision History: ' Rev Date(yyyy/mm/dd) Description ' ************************************************************************************** ' 1 2010-Sep-17 Initial Release '--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sub Update Doc() 'Requires a reference to the Word object library Dim o App As Object 'Word. Document Dim s Doc Name As String On Error Resume Next Set o App = Get Object(, "Word. Application") 'See if word is already running If Err. thank you regards I’m still wondering why –up to now- there isn't an option that updates all the fields automatically!For example, the only field that can be updated automatically (when any change occurs) is the “Date” field!

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