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Over 90% of Puerto Ricans descend from migrants from these two southern regions of Spain.

Puerto Rico has also been influenced by African culture, Afro-Puerto Ricans being a significant minority.

Not family friendly.ended up moving somewhere else, would not recommended anyone to stay there not for families and felt threatened by some of the staff, we have holidayed in Puerto Rico for past 25year and is worst place we have ever stayed in landlord very helpful with guidance knowledge of area / facilities/ eateries .

apartments in a block of friendly local residents , always willing to help.

I want to do something for Puerto Rico, for the islands of the Caribbean.” Stephanie said, “Incredibly difficult!

” to which she explained the difference she found in this year’s Miss World to last year.

Also joyfully saying that she is feeling like a contestant only, especially since there is no participant from Puerto Rico this year; it’s a constant excuse for her to be with everyone all the time.

away from main hectic tourist area, but still within 10-15 mins walk down a fairly steep steps , or lazy longer street Serverades ingen frukost på hotellet, städning under vistelsen ingick inte. Bara en trappa från köpcentret och en 10 minuters promenad till stranden.

Glatt överraskade över bemötandet vi fick och en väldigt trevlig värd som bjöd på öl eller dricka när vi väntade på taxi till flygplatsen.

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