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Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review When negative forces stir up hatred and ugliness, let beauty be your guide. The apparent suicide of a beautiful aspiring law student unites two strangers, connected only by their tangled suspicions: that nothing about Margaux Stritch’s tragic end is what it looks like.

Beauty can lift us up and set us on the right path. Firefighter Jessica Blythe is courageously making her mark in the male-dominated Chicago Fire Department while navigating a complicated relationship with a detective.

As they dig through Olivia’s life, they are shocked to discover a connection between her current book research on two cold murder cases and the suicide of one of Morgan’s prospective clients. But guess who just flew back into our lives in a private jet? Fortunately, it takes two seconds for Richard to reveal he hasn’t changed. When he cries out for someone named Frieda – and Miriam discovers an Auschwitz tattoo hidden under his watch strap – Henryk’s secret history begins to unravel.

Win a signed copy direct from the author--great for lovers of thrillers, scifi, and mind-bending time travel stories.

The first time I met Vaughn Sanders, I knew I wanted her. And amid their tales of sacrifice and endurance, Miriam pieces together a love story that has been hidden away in Henryk’s heart for almost fifty years.

Inspired by these extraordinary women, Miriam strives to break through the walls she has built around herself.

With a daring heist in both the virtual and real worlds, Charlotte may hold the key to burning it all to the ground: the company, the lying pundits, and the echo chamber itself.

You can learn more at Enter for a chance to win one of five first edition copies of Finding Beauty by Patrick Lindsay. Each page is a meditation of gratitude for so many of the things in life that we sometimes forget or take for granted.

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