Xbmc video library not updating Wanna sex chat room

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There will be many updates, so consider toggling this.Under the Video and Music sections you can set how frequently updates occur.Scroll down until you find the add-on, then install it.Access the settings and you can configure whether or not each update has notifications.Library Auto-Update is a Kodi add-on that lets you set a schedule for re-scanning your library.The add-on is lightweight, too—all it does is trigger the built-in library scan on a regular basis.The downside: this can take up a lot of system resources, and is occasionally unstable.You can tweak things quite a bit, however, so head to the add-on’s settings and get familiar.

Kodi can, without any add-ons, re-scan your library every time it starts up.

If you’ve got a PVR set up to integrate with your Kodi library, for example, you could set it to watch only your PVR folder.

You’ll find a few more things to tweak in the “Advanced” section.

Kodi can make your massive media collection easy to browse and play, but adding new media is a bit of a chore. Here they are, listed in terms of how easy they are to set up: None of these methods are particularly complicated, but the two add-ons are going to require a bit more effort, with Watchdog being the most work.

By default, you need to manually tell the program to re-scan your folders every time you add something, which is annoying if you add new media regularly. In exchange for more complication, each option gives more flexibility than the last, so it’s worth going over all three.

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