Xml parser validating vs non validating advantages

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All messages received by sampler Test Steps are internally converted to an XML counterpart, which provides a common ground for assertions and other post-processing.This also makes way for two of the most powerful assertions, XPath Match and XQuery Match, which both utilize the named technologies to provide fine-grained message validation possibilities.Parsers may be similarly classified as non-validating and validating.

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The XPath assertion applies a specified XPath expression to the received message and validates the resulting nodes against an expected value.

) But maybe for one reason or another you really do need to select a standalone parser. And within the well-formedness category, you may need some additional but optional features which are required only of a validating parser.

Do you want the parser to supply an attribute's default value if the document author hasn't done so? In such cases, you can eliminate whole sub-categories of non-validating parsers from consideration.

If the application you're working on is end-to-end Microsoft-specific, there's no practical advantage (all other things being equal) to considering a parser other than the one built into One final thing to bear in mind when you embark on a search for the "best parser," whatever that means for you: You'll need to limit your search very quickly or go crazy.

Back in 1998, within a few months of the XML 1.0 Recommendation's release, one observer reported on XML-DEV that he'd found over 200 parsers (after hitting 200, he gave up counting).

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