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What is the difference between multiple domain hosting and domain forwarding? So, whenever people type the addresses, or into their browser, they will be redirected to your site that can be found under the address When you have different websites in several niches with different content, whenever people type in the address of your websites into their browser, they will be taken to the content of that particular website. These are your websites:,,, and

Domain forwarding allows you to direct different domain names to the same website. You bought the same domain name with other extensions, like . (Note: these are fictional website names.)You transfer the existing domain to a multiple domain host.

Not only the users will be migrated, but also galery, blogs, mail, groups and events.

Currently we support PHPFox and Boonex Dolphin migration.

You will not have to buy a video chat separately which is about 0 a month.

The member will not have to surf the site in order to find video upload or whatsoever.In other words, the ‘subdomains’ will act as top-level-domains for the add on domains.How much money can you save with multiple domain hosting?The blogs you subsribed to are listed on your blog page.All major functions are visible from the home page of the member.

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