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ASC is pleased to offer OSX Power PC Mac Quick Time driver, Universal PPC – x86 Quick Time driver and Quartz Composer plugin (versions 2.07.04, 3.01.04 and 1.00.01 – released January 21, 2011) for “The Imaging Sources’s” DFG/1394-1 Analog Video to Fire Wire Converter (as shown above).

The DFG/1394-1 hardware delivers uncompressed, full size, full frame rate NTSC or PAL YUV 4:2:2, YUV 4:1:1 and Indexed Color (monochrome etc.) video over Fire Wire to your Mac.

To purchase any of the remaining DFG units you have to e-mail the imaging source at “sales(at)theimagingsource(dot)com”.

If your wondering when ASC will be offering a DFG USB 2 DFG driver, please read the Why does ASC not support the TIS USB2 DFG converter?

Ramesh Mariyappa, sri Chandrashekar, President, Kendriya sadana, Kannda Sangha, Kuvempunagar, BTM Constituency, Kannada sahitya parishat. In the beginning, 16th -21st January 2019 even semesters 2nd ,4th & 6th of 2018-19 Academic year, the following committees had formal meeting with the principal with their respective work plans for the upcoming months before examination. Dodanna Swamy was celebrated by SLN Charities in gaiety.

Was conducted on 25-9-2018, And on 28-9-2018 by Shri.

Kannada Department organized a programme on election , awareness on voting and its rights and procedure on .

Essay , quiz college work competitions were organized for students and three prizes along with single consolation prize were distributed for each event by college. “udyoga Mahiti margadarshana Karya Krama on by Sri. In college auditorium on , Programme was conducted by RHUOMAI, NGO, on Awareness on “Human Trafficking, immorality and pornography” by women empowerment and women Sexual Harassment cells conducted the programme to enlighten students and also provide awareness and elimination of evil effects.

A graphical illustration: Each letter represents one bit.

J420 is exactly like I420, but with a full range ("digital", 0-255) luma (Y) component instead of limited range ("analog", 16-240). YV12 is exactly like I420, but the order of the U and V planes is reversed.

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