Zac efron dating right

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Should the union pan out, it'd be a decided change of pace for the 31-year-old who's made a bit of a habit out of romancing his costars.(Which, it's hard to find fault with considering how else does Zac Efron meet an eligible partner?

Having a partner at her side made navigating her meteoric rise to fame a little easier to handle, Hudgens would later admit.

News they got quite close while working on the comedy in 2013.

"They are definitely an item," the source said in April 2014.

The one time he tried his hand at Tinder, "nobody swiped me! "They thought it was fake.")In fact it's become so expected that his chemistry with leading ladies might turn out to be of the method acting variety that everyone from Emily Ratajkowski to Taylor Swift has had to dispel the notion that they were a thing.

He and the 10-time Grammy winner only and still Swift had to tell Ellen De Generes, "He's awesome, but we are not a couple." However plenty of other coworkers have found themselves transfixed with the California native's seemingly painted-on abs, piercingly blue eyes, perfectly swept locks—and did we mention his abs?

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